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Adonit’s Jot Pro is officially my Must-Havecapacitive stylus

By admin | June 19, 2012

A couple months ago I posted a question asking for suggestions on the best capacitive pen / stylus for iPad. The consensus seemed to be that Adonit’s Jot products were worth checking out: gdgt.com­/question­/what­-s­-the­-best­-capacitive­-pen­-s…

I’ve been playing around with them and I can definitely tell you they pretty much nail exactly what I was looking for: light, easy to hold and grip, excellent for everything from basic use to fine detail work, and (thanks to the clear flat tip) easy to see how they are interacting with the interface beneath them.

That last bit is a very big issue, in my opinion. The tips on capacitive styluses come in all kinds of widths and surfaces, but what Adonit did was very clever: first, instead of having a larger rubbery nub, they kept the surface totally flat and smooth, which equates to a smooth, consistent, somewhat pen-like writing.

Second, and more importantly, they made the tip out of a clear plastic so you can actually see the contact point on the interface. This not only makes it easier to use with a touchscreen, but it’s what makes the fine detail work possible on a capacitive surface.

For my money, I’d say go for the Jot Pro over the Classic, Mini, and Flip.

Here’s how they break down:


Internal magnets (clings to your iPad — very nice) Soft grip Larger tip No clip on the body or cap.


Same size tip as the Pro No magnets No soft grip No clip on the body or cap.


Smaller (shorter, thinner barrel), still pretty easy to hold and use No magnets No soft grip Smaller tip than the Pro and Classic — still just as effective Built-in pocket clip.


No magnets Soft grip Retractable ball-point pen (which I actually didn’t like much — but that’s personal preference — I prefer ultra-sharp 0.5mm pens) Same size tip as Pro and Classic Clip built into the cap.

But whatever you pick, the Jot line is the capacitive stylus to get.

Don’t waste time with anything else. If we had a capacitive stylus category on the site, these would be our Must-Have pick for it.

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