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The Ball. Evolved….. SPHERO !

By admin | May 1, 2012

1.5.2012 PRESS RELEASE – Sphero and iWorld Australia ink exclusive distribution agreement for ANZ.

Sphero is like nothing you’ve seen before. It’s the first robotic ball gaming device that you control with a tilt, touch, or swing from your smartphone or tablet. You can even use Sphero as a controller for on-screen gameplay.

Teaching Old Balls New Tricks
How much tech can you pack in a 3 inch sphere? Start with a sensor network – multi-axis rate gyro and accelerometer – fused together with the same kind of math that took Apollo to the Moon. Power it with lithium polymer batteries that are inductively recharged through the shell and add a Bluetooth-based command and control data link. Finally, mix in over-the-air firmware updates and internally sandboxed language extensions and you have a true robot that is an intelligent component of a smartphone app-based gaming, learning, and human-machine interaction system. Driving Sphero from the central app is just the start. An open API for iOS and Android invites developers around the world to dive right in…Oh, and Sphero is just fun.

Sphero Details
Inside: Orbotix Smart Robot
Outside: Opaque high-impact polycarbonate shell

Size: 74mm diameter
Weight: 168 grams

For The Geeks
•    Bluetooth controlled robotic ball – 50 foot plus range
•    Multi-colored LED capable of producing thousands of colors
•    Reach speeds of up to 3 feet per second with precise control
•    Internal guidance system including gyro, accelerometer and compass
Induction charging

“ I had the opportunity to really play with Sphero at CES 2012. What a fantastic product and so intelligent. The guys at Sphero have so many apps available and many more in the pipeline. Over the last 6 months we have had so many customers asking us for this product. A guaranteed winner !” States Chad DeClase, Director at iWorld Australia.

Sphero Chromo
Match the color. Beat the clock.
Get ready to challenge your coordination and your memory with the first app that lets you use Sphero as a controller. Move Sphero to match the colors on your screen for an entirely new way to challenge yourself. You can choose from six different game modes. Chromo is initially available for iOS only.

Sphero MacroLab
Unleash Sphero’s Inner Robot.
Create easy, repeatable programs and macros for Sphero. Arrange simple commands and settings in any combination you choose to let Sphero drive autonomously, follow unique patterns, and more. Play your commands, save favorites, and even share them with friends. Multiball capability only available on Android.

Sphero Golf
A totally new swing on golf.
Sphero is the ball and your phone is the club. Pick a “hole” then swing your phone or flick a finger to hit. Challenge friends to a round of office golf, create your own course at home, or venture out and make your own course practically anywhere.

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